Sheriff’s Office



The Harbor County Sheriff's Office operates through an inter-agency agreement with the Liberty City Police Department. The HCSO and LCPD maintain a strong professional relationship including overlapping jurisdiction and shared use facilities and equipment. The HCSO's primary function is to augment the police presence in Liberty City and Harbor County and ensure the safety and positive quality of life of the millions of residents that call Harbor County home.

Patrol Division

deputy--standing--near--crownvic3.0--with--drivers--door--open_Sheriffs_Office_PageThe HCSO Patrol Division is the largest unit in the Sheriff's Office. Deputies are responsible for patrolling the county, responding to routine calls for service, emergency responses, traffic enforcement, and maintaining a positive police presence throughout the county.






Canine Unit



The Canine Unit provides a team of highly trained Canine Deputies capable of performing a variety of functions from narcotics and explosives detection, to searching for cadavers and tracking suspects. The Harbor County Sheriff's office is pleased to have 3 canines, "Kaiser," "Ares", and "Duke" working along side our dedicated Deputies.





H.I.T. Team



The High Intensity Traffic Team is a unit of Patrol Deputies dedicated to traffic related incidents. From aggressive traffic enforcement, DUI checkpoints, accident response and investigation, to aggressive pursuit intervention, the H.I.T. Team is here to ensure the roads and highways of Harbor County remain safe for all drivers.








The Criminal Investigations Division is the HCSO's unit of Detectives specializing in areas from robbery and homicide to special victims cases. These dedicated detectives are responsible for all criminal investigations within Harbor County. Cases are frequently solved "LA Noire" style with pre-scripted pieces of information, evidence, and witness testimony that can only be uncovered through the correct actions of the case detective.





Aviation Unit



The HCSO Patrol Division is supported by a Eurocopter EC130 and a Bell 412 helicopter equipped with flood lighting, infrared, and various other high tech methods of assisting Deputies in locating suspects, vehicle pursuits, and various other functions.






Tactical Response Unit



The HCSO T.R.U. Team is more than just the county's SWAT team, they also perform lower profile tactical events such as narcotics and prostitution stings, "jump outs", as well as bait car and other auto theft prevention initiatives.