Fire Department



The Harbor County Fire Department operates through an inter-agency agreement with the Fire Department of Liberty City. The HCFD and FDLC maintain a strong professional relationship including overlapping jurisdiction and shared use facilities and equipment. The HCFD's primary function is to augment the FDLC presence in Liberty City and Harbor County and ensure the safety of the millions of residents that call Harbor County home.

The HCFD provides fire and emergency service protection and response throughout the county.


Technical Rescue Team



The Tech Rescue team specializes in abnormal rescue and extraction situations, from motor vehicle accidents to fighting high rise and sky scraper fires.






Triage Team



The Triage Team is a unit of paramedics that specialize in trauma and triage situations. The can usually be found assisting the Technical Rescue Team, or at large scale fires or vehicle accidents.









The County also brought Liberty City its first HAZMAT and Decontamination Team. The HAZMAT team not only responds to high profile HAZMAT situations, but also specializes in cleaning up fuel and oil spills at motor vehicle accidents and is responsible for HAZMAT inspections at the various industries throughout Harbor County.





Air Rescue Unit


The HCFD is supported by an Augusta Westland 109 helicopter equipped with various equipment and technology designed to support the Fire Department in rescue and air ambulance operations.