At Harbor County, our Civilians and Civilian Qualified members provide extensive role play as civilian characters ranging from suspects to witnesses, general population members, civil service representatives, tow truck drivers, crime scene technicians, coroners and medical examiner's office representatives, and any other roles deemed necessary for the scenario at hand. Civilian members will also use the in game environment, NPC / AI characters, and the Trainer to create role play events. It's a serious responsibility, as our civilian players primary goal is to increase the realism and immersion of game sessions. Our civilians do not simply cause havoc, or engage in any high profile events such as extreme pursuits, shots fired calls, or essentially anything else that NPC / AI characters can do. Rather, our civilians play more support roles such as tow truck drivers and witnesses, and of course suspects for routine police work such as traffic stops, and report only calls (home / auto burglary after the fact).

Medical Examiner's Office


One of the roles our civilians play is representing the staff of the Harbor County Medical Examiner's Office. The Medical Examiner's Office maintains a staff of highly skilled coroners and assistant medical examiners who's responsibilties include not only determining cause of death and transporting the deceased, but in suspicious cases the Medical Examiner's staff are qualified in forensic pathology and are responsible for collecting and preserving any forensic evidence that may be used during a trial.




Crime Scene Technicians

Crime scene technicians play a vital role in assisting the Detective of Harbor County's Criminal Investigations Division. Not only do they help complete the role play experience by combing crime scenes for evidence, but they help ensure that no stone is left unturned by a Detective. CID Cases are frequently solved "LA Noire" style with pre-scripted pieces of information, evidence, and witness testimony that can only be uncovered through the correct actions of the case detective, so ensuring that all evidence is found can be critical to solving the case.




Given's Towing Service
Givens--Towing_VP_3.0_Civilian_Main_PageGiven's Towing is one of Harbor County's largest towing services. Given's has been selected as the exclusive contract vendor for the Department of Public Safety because of their excellent reputation, prompt response times, and status as a AAA emergency roadside service company.




These are just a few of the primary roles Harbor County civilian players enjoy, but the possibilities of what a civilian can do in game are limited only by your imagination and your commitment to the characters you create! In many events, characters have