First, membership with Harbor County is always free, we will never require any monetary commitment from our members.

Also, we are a role play community so we do have rules and procedures that will need to be adhered to in order to maintain the role play environment and all new applicants will be required to undergo basic training and certification if they are accepted as members. Experience using LCPDFR or current / former membership in other communities will help expedite this process, but does not exempt new applicants from it.


Harbor County offers two types of memberships, full time and reserve.


Full time members
are fully committed to Harbor County and may not be members in any other GTA IV community.

Reserve members are allowed to "multi-clan". We realize that there is no magic one size fits all place when it comes to gaming communities. However, we do feel that some aspects of our community may interest you, while you may also be interested in something another community has to offer. So, Reserve members are allowed to be part of Harbor County while remaining an active member in another GTA IV community. However, Harbor County Reserve members are not eligible to be promoted beyond the rank of Deputy, Firefighter, or equivalent rank, and cannot hold leadership positions or participate in the specialty units with Harbor County. Also please note, other communities may not allow dual membership and being accepted as a Reserve Member with Harbor County does not authorize you to violate another community's membership policies; Reserve members are held responsible to all communities they hold memberships in, independent of each other.

Please take a moment and decide whether a Full Time, or Reserve membership is best for you.


We are accepting applications for the following positions: Sheriff Cadet, Fire Cadet, Civilian, and Public Safety Dispatcher.


The basic requirements to apply for any position with Harbor County are:

- You must display a mature, professional, and respectful attitude at all times. While we accept applications from younger players, the majority of our members are over 16 years of age, so a mature frame of mind is essential. In accordance with COPPA, we generally do not accept applications from anyone under 15.

- You must speak, read, write, and understand the English language

- You must have a legal copy of Grand Theft Auto IV for your PC (HCDPS does not support piracy or any other illegal activities)*

- You must have a computer and internet connection capable of operating GTA IV in Multiplayer games, using resource intensive modified vehicles, scripts, and textures including the ELS mod*

- You must have Teamspeak 3 installed with a working microphone or headset

- You must agree to abide by all HCDPS policies

- Full Time Applicants must NOT be a current member of another GTA IV community (SA:MP communities are ok, as HCDPS does not offer SA:MP)

- Reserve Applicants must agree to abide by not only HCDPS policy, but also policies enforced by any other communities you wish you retain membership in

( * = Dispatch applicants are not required to own GTA IV or have a computer capable of playing the game.)

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