Meet Our Staff


The Harbor County DPS has a unique staff structure that is designed to function in a similar manner to the idea behind the United States Government. The staff is categorized into 3 groups, Executive, Administrative, and Supervisory. Together, the 3 groups of staff will govern the community, write policy and procedure manuals, and ensure the overall well being of the community. The staff groups are bound by written provisions clearly explaining their roles and providing a system of limited power, checks and balances, and holding the staff accountable to the entire community. The founding members believed that this type of leadership would serve the community as a whole and ensure a long and successful future for it's members.

Meet our Executive Staff

Sheriff Coffield

Sheriff Coffield Staff PicSheriff Coffield comes to the Harbor County Staff with several years of online community staff experience as well as real world experience pertaining to Law Enforcement. He has previously served as the HCSO Training Sergeant, a Patrol Lieutenant and the Chief Deputy. Coffield started his virtual staff career in a virtual military clan on the Battlefield 2 platform as he lead several different divisions of an over 250 member community. Coffield has also spent numerous years on the Virtual Air Traffic Simulation network and has served in several Staff positions including Air Traffic Manager for a year and a half. In real life, Coffield is a full time Police Dispatcher and 911 Call Taker for a large city in the United States. When not at work or handling his Harbor County duties, Coffield enjoys spending quality time with his wife.

When Coffield is not in his office in Algonquin or researching new hires he can usually be found providing air support to Deputies on the ground by flying Eagle 1 or coding improvements to the Harbor County MDC. Coffield also enjoys hoping in game as a Civilian and providing in depth role play events for the Deputies.


Major Chevyman

Chevyman_MP_3.0_Staff_PageMajor Chevyman serves at the rank of Major and is one of the founding members of the community. He also brings over a decade of leadership experience from the real world and online groups to our community.
Major Chevyman can be found in game as the watch commander and out of game managing and assisting with the vast community operations.





Meet our Administrative Staff

Lieutenant Tarr

Lieutenant Tarr has been a member of the HCDPS since September of 2012. After completing training, Tarr joined the High Intensity Traffic Team to target aggressive drivers and investigate accidents. Before being promoted to Training Sergeant, Tarr worked as a Training Deputy to bring new members to the level needed to serve the citizens of Harbor County.

While away from Harbor County, Tarr serves as a Communications Officer for his local Sheriff's Office.




Meet our Supervisory Staff

Sergeant Wilco

Sergeant Wilco has been a member of the HCDPS since July of 2013.






Sergeant Shaw

Sergeant Shaw is one of the founding members of the community and currently serves as the Patrol Division supervisor for Unit 2. He brings over a decade of leadership experience from the real world and online groups to our community. In the real world, Shaw has always had a vested interest in law enforcement and as a teenager he desired to become a Georgia State Trooper. While that career path did not come to fruition, he currently works as an airline pilot and is pursuing a volunteer position as a Reserve Deputy with the third largest Sheriff's Office in the United States.

In the world of Harbor County, despite his hectic schedule, Sergeant Shaw can often be found in uniform assisting the patrol deputies on the streets of Harbor County.