About The Community


The Harbor County Department of Public Safety is a video game community dedicated to realistically role playing the actions of emergency service responders in the fictional world of Harbor County. We use modified versions of the PC game Grand Theft Auto 4 to simulate the actions of Sheriff's Deputies, Firefighters, Paramedics, Dispatchers, and Civilians.

In addition to regularly scheduled games, a game usually starts when there are enough members online which usually happens several times every day. Outside of regular games we also have several scheduled events each month including some all weekend long events, and some events at various days and times to ensure all members have a chance to participate around their work and real life schedules and time zones. On average, we have at least one game every other day.


A message from Sheriff Coffield:

"Greetings, and thank you for visiting our website; welcome to Harbor County!

The Harbor County Department of Public Safety was founded in early 2012 and our current leadership team has more than a decade of online community experience and over two decades of leadership experience, both online and in the real world. For over a year and a half, Harbor County has been consistently providing the highest quality and most professional role play experience available in the Grand Theft Auto PC world. This is a tradition we plan on extending into the world of Grand Theft Auto 5, if a PC version is released in the future.

Our vision is to provide a community environment of like minded individuals that strive for a realistic role play experience, led by transparent leaders that are fully committed to the community as a whole. We are something different in the GTA 4 community world, we are the future of role play.

Our staff are adults, and many of the staff and general members have real world public safety experience as paramedics and firefighters, law enforcement dispatchers, police explorers, and reserve / auxiliary police officers. We draw on that experience and knowledge to ensure that we offer the most comprehensive experience available.

This philosophy is prevalent throughout all aspects of the community, from the detailed high quality training each member receives, each vehicle in our fleet having unique license plates, each uniform having unique rank insignia and award ribbons, our in game CAD (computer aided dispatch) system to handle calls and Deputy assignments, to our standard radio phraseology and realistic procedures. All with the goal of full immersion in the world of Harbor County and as realistic an experience as can be provided within the game world.

We also encourage each member to take ownership of their role within the community. Each member is assigned a permanent radio call sign and Department Serial number, as mentioned before your uniform has unique insignia and award ribbons, your patrol car has a unique license plate, just like our real world counterparts. Your in game character is fully yours so be proud. We want our members to play the way they want to play, to make our community your community, while maintaining a balanced, realistic role play experience, so we provide as much opportunity for members to apply their own real world knowledge and experience as possible.

I invite you to look through the dedicated pages for more information about our Sheriff's Office and Fire Department operations, as well as our Communications (Dispatch) division, and our Civilian Operations. If you share our passion for realistic role play, please look at the membership page for more information about becoming a member of the Harbor County Department of Public Safety."

N. Coffield, Sheriff

Harbor County Department of Public Safety