May 152014

The Harbor County Sheriff's Office is pleased to announce a new partnership with Watch Guard Video, one of the leading manufacturers of digital in car video systems. The Sheriff's Office will be upgrading their entire vehicle fleet in 2014 including installing Watch Guard's latest video system.

The "4RE" system records footage in high definition and includes audio recordings from a microphone that will be worn by the officers. One of the other unique features offered by the 4RE system is called "Record After the Fact". The 4RE is a passive recording system, meaning that it is always recording. The recorded footage is saved to a hard drive in the trunk of the patrol car, and can be accessed up to several days after an incident, enabling Deputies to recover video evidence that might have otherwise been lost.

Harbor County has also purchased Watch Guards new Zero Sightline (ZSL) Camera, which fits completely behind the vehicles rear view mirror. The new ZSL camera helps to promote officer safety by minimizing the obstructions to a Deputy's view while driving their patrol car and despite the camera's size, it is still capable of recording in full HD. Another miniature camera will be mounted in the back seat of the patrol cars to record video and audio of all suspects as well. Many times, a suspect's actions during their time in the patrol car can help Deputies make their case in court.

The new Watch Guard camera system will begin being installed in Harbor County patrol cars next month.

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